Zip Line Trolleys

Good Choices for a Zip Line Trolley

CMI Trolley78

CMI Velocity Micro Trolley

Petzl Tandem Speed Trolley

Rogue Cable Trolley



The trolley you choose for your zip line should be made by a reputable manufacturer. Don’t get the cheapest pulley that rolls from the rope & chain aisle at Lowes or Home Depot because they are not safety rated and they will not go fast or ride smoothly. All acceptable zip line trolleys will have two sheaves (wheels/rollers) and a place to clip a carabiner to clip your harness, seat, and/or handle bar to. CMI and Petzl are two well known manufacturers of zip line trolleys.

Poor Choices for a Zip Line Trolley – Do NOT use these on a zip line!

Using a proper zip line trolley will cost more, as you can see if you click on the images, but using the wrong one is a bad corner to cut. Don’t get somebody hurt or killed! You are saving enough money by installing the zip line yourself. For safety’s sake, don’t skimp on parts – use a quality zip line trolley like the four at the top of the page!