Choosing Zip Line Parts

Can you build a zip line with parts from your grandfather’s basement or from the shelf at the hardware store? Well, probably not. It might function – but buying the right parts made by manufacturers who build for the zip line industry will eliminate the doubt and allow you to relax and let your kids and neighbor’s kids use the zip line with confidence. These parts will cost you a few hundred dollars, total, but it’s the smart way to go. You’re still saving a lot of money installing the zip line yourself even if you have to pay up for the right parts, tools, and supplies.

As you assemble the parts you need, you will have choices to make that fit different price points. If you stick with major manufacturers, you can probably choose the cheapest parts that they offer so long as it’s a class made for zip lines. Their parts are designed to last under excessive or commercial use, so even the cheap ones are acceptable for back yard zip lines.