Hire a Professional, Backyard Zip-line Company

As with any home or backyard project, the first question is honestly assessing whether or not you have the time, knowledge, tools, and energy to complete a zip line yourself. More and more builders and construction companies are adding zip line building to their offerings, so you should be able to find one in your part of the country. Safety is the primary concern with zip line construction, so if you have doubts about your ability, then hiring expert builders is worth whatever it costs. That is the downside. Zip line companies usually charge an arm and a leg for installing zip lines.

Why are Zip Line Builders’ Rates so High?

There are several reasons why professional zip line builders charge a lot of money. Here they are:

  • Insurance for the zip line industry is insanely expensive. If you install the zip line yourself or hire a local carpenter or tree guy to help, then their insurance may not cover you properly if they screw up and something happens.
  • Training is expensive – The most reliable zip line construction companies send their installers and management to conferences and regular training which includes traveling costs and significant fees.
  • Traveling is expensive – Due to the lack of zip line builders who know what they are doing, most companies have to travel away from home for work for weeks or months at a time. In order to reduce employee turnover, most companies pay employees very well and cover every travel expense imaginable – hotel/lodging, food reimbursement, mileage reimbursement, paid travel time, etc…
  • It gets old – Generally, zip line builders are done working in the field by about 40 years old. Climbing, traveling, and dangerous work wears on people quickly and they move into operating challenge courses, focusing on design rather than construction, or move into something else entirely. There is often a general attitude that if they don’t make good money building zip lines, then “it just ain’t worth it.”

So what do Zip Line Companies Charge?

No matter what the reasons are, the zip line industry, like any other, is governed by free market principals, and the going rates are very high. For an initial design consultation, you should expect to pay somewhere around $1000-2000 per day. The zip line builders with better reputations, more experience, or a busier schedule will charge on the high end of that. Not many zip line builders post rates or costs on their websites. However, this professional zip line builder offers a pretty good general explanation of what to expect for zip line costs when hiring a professional zip line company.

If you want to use a simple zip line kit, like the Fun Ride Zip Line Kit, I would expect to pay about $500-1000 installed.

If you want a custom zip line with better equipment, the prices start around $1000-2000 for a small zip line assuming the builder doesn’t have to travel more than an hour to get to your location. Some zip line companies are more geared toward monster zip lines over 1000′ long, and these will start around $5000-10000, once again, assuming no travel. If you have a challenging location, need to clear a path, or build towers at the start or finish, then be prepared for a big bill – Some zip lines really do cost $100,000-500,000 to design and build.