Backyard Zip-line Kits

Kits are readily available for small and medium zip lines. Be sure to research and understand each of the components in the zip line kit before purchasing, however. We will review and rate each zip line kit in this section to help you wade through a bunch of kits on the market.
Viper and Quicksilver Zip-line Kits

These kits are a very good choice for the DIY backyard zipline installer. The manufacturer is conscientious in their choices of parts and has a few different options for various lengths and price ranges. They have a trolley with built in handles and one with dual rebuildable bearings that make it last a lot longer and ride faster.

Fun Ride Zip Line Kits

The Fun Ride series zip line kit is well marketed and can be purchased from many online stores. It installs up to 96′ and is fun for zipping just above the ground. Our take on this kit is that it is strong enough for use by children, but the hardware is minimal. The safety factor on these kits must be low compared to ACCT or PRCA standards. However, I contacted one zip line builder who has installed over 50 of these kits and not had any of them fail so far – however one of the plastic handles broke from over-tightening and a few of the trolley nuts rattled loose. For the latter problem, he recommended using blue loc-tite or similar during initial installation of the fun ride zip line kit.

Petzl Zip Line Kit

This Zip Line kit includes the harness, trolley, and a tether and carabiner to connect the two. This is good quality safety equipment and I would use it on any normal home zip line. This kit does not include the cable, but that is also sold separately in the required size and length. All of these zip line parts are sold separately, but if you find a bunch of what you need in a zip line kit, you will save some money.